animals update

animal car

I mean this to be some animal friends going on a nice vacation together (You probably can’t see this but the driver is a cat). Maybe its about animals being rescued?? I have a feeling, belatedly, that this is going to seem like an Ark, if Noah could have gotten hold of a vw bug. But that wasn’t what I had in mind. Oh well

animal planet

animal planet….

You are what you read in the giraffe world

pet-walker. I think there might be teeny giraffes walking around in the woods here. I hope so.


  1. Ohhh… I love these, especially animal planet…

  2. I love All of them. And I found the cat driver! Wish I could see these in person. And your place in the woods. It must be a wonderful place to do your work. Keep on sending me the pictures.


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