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Chronicles of a Small Planet

Chronicles of a Small Planet

As I said in the last post, the book is ready to go! You can get a copy from me, or from Blurb.com or at the La Quinta Arts Fest in March. Possible pickup sites in Vancouver/Victoria, to avoid shipping costs. Stay tuned for that. http://www.blurb.com/b/7495549-chronicles-of-a-small-planet At this Blurb site, (which you will probably need to select/copy into your browser thing) you can get a 15-pg preview, or buy a book. Or email me to buy direct from me. I’ll sign it if you want. $30 ck or paypal. (enter my email into your paypal acct or send ck to Box 695 ALLYN WA 98524) Canadians take a look at the last post for special pricing.    ... read more

Tin Town January 2016

   Tin Town, just done. Scroll down for in-progress pix, and more details The globe rotates. Little doors are on hinges. The base is a 10-lb wt sandwiched between 2 rounds of wood and inserted/sewed!/glued/soldered in. and a couple of the many sketches I made, and the place I made them in... read more

My island

Suppose I am cast off on a desert island, with reams and reams of paper and a garbage can full of pens. Do you think I would write or draw? How badly do I really need other people? I think maybe I would invent them. I would befriend whatever animals lived there. The iguanas, chickadees, dolphins. Maybe an ocelot or monkey? I would definitely not be miserable like Tom Hanks in Castaway. What the heck. This is a fantasy. Lets make it perfect. Why imagine problems when its optional? On my island, for instance, no wrenching out of aching teeth. I am perfectly healthy in all ways until a sudden surprising moment. I look up from my drawing or writing. I frown? I smile? I exhale. I do not inhale. That’s that. In 50 years, a hundred years, they will find my skeleton. Still sitting under the big tree on the edge of the water, pen in my bony fingers, my last words long since washed away by the rain. My skull is... read more


   “Learning to fly” ht about 25″ $300   “How do I love thee?” about 14″ $200   Night World  (20″ ht, $450)   about 10″tall $175 “You are what you read”... read more

animals update

I mean this to be some animal friends going on a nice vacation together (You probably can’t see this but the driver is a cat). Maybe its about animals being rescued?? I have a feeling, belatedly, that this is going to seem like an Ark, if Noah could have gotten hold of a vw bug. But that wasn’t what I had in mind. Oh well animal planet…. pet-walker. I think there might be teeny giraffes walking around in the woods here. I hope... read more

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