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Chronicles of a Small Planet

Chronicles of a Small Planet

As I said in the last post, the book is ready to go! You can get a copy from me, or from Blurb.com or at the La Quinta Arts Fest in March. Possible pickup sites in Vancouver/Victoria, to avoid shipping costs. Stay tuned for that.... read more

Tin Town January 2016

   Tin Town, just done. Scroll down for in-progress pix, and more details The globe rotates. Little doors are on hinges. The base is a 10-lb wt sandwiched between 2 rounds of wood and inserted/sewed!/glued/soldered in. and a couple of the many sketches I made, and the... read more

My island

Suppose I am cast off on a desert island, with reams and reams of paper and a garbage can full of pens. Do you think I would write or draw? How badly do I really need other people? I think maybe I would invent them. I would befriend whatever animals lived there. The... read more


   “Learning to fly” ht about 25″ $300   “How do I love thee?” about 14″ $200   Night World  (20″ ht, $450)   about 10″tall $175 “You are what you read”... read more

animals update

I mean this to be some animal friends going on a nice vacation together (You probably can’t see this but the driver is a cat). Maybe its about animals being rescued?? I have a feeling, belatedly, that this is going to seem like an Ark, if Noah could have gotten... read more

Animal update

Animal update…. animal planet $350, about 20x20x12″ accidentally, this seems to reference Noah and the Ark… I was thinking it was about animal friends going on a vacation together…. The driver is a cat by the way. I dont really want it to be an... read more

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