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My island

Suppose I am cast off on a desert island, with reams and reams of paper and a garbage can full of pens. Do you think I would write or draw? How badly do I really need other people? I think maybe I would invent them. I would befriend whatever animals lived there. The iguanas, chickadees, dolphins. Maybe an ocelot or monkey? I would definitely not be miserable like Tom Hanks in Castaway. What the heck. This is a fantasy. Lets make it perfect. Why imagine problems when its optional? On my island, for instance, no wrenching out of aching teeth. I am perfectly healthy in all ways until a sudden surprising moment. I look up from my drawing or writing. I frown? I smile? I exhale. I do not inhale. That’s that. In 50 years, a hundred years, they will find my skeleton. Still sitting under the big tree on the edge of the water, pen in my bony fingers, my last words long since washed away by the rain. My skull is... read more


   “Learning to fly” ht about 25″ $300   “How do I love thee?” about 14″ $200   Night World  (20″ ht, $450)   about 10″tall $175 “You are what you read”... read more

animals update

I mean this to be some animal friends going on a nice vacation together (You probably can’t see this but the driver is a cat). Maybe its about animals being rescued?? I have a feeling, belatedly, that this is going to seem like an Ark, if Noah could have gotten hold of a vw bug. But that wasn’t what I had in mind. Oh well animal planet…. pet-walker. I think there might be teeny giraffes walking around in the woods here. I hope... read more

Animal update

Animal update…. animal planet $350, about 20x20x12″ accidentally, this seems to reference Noah and the Ark… I was thinking it was about animal friends going on a vacation together…. The driver is a cat by the way. I dont really want it to be an ark. But everybody is going to think it is one. Maybe it is somehow about animal rescue, so that is maybe ark-ish… this one is a pet walker. I wonder if there are any teeny giraffes in the woods around here. I hope so.... read more

windowsill tour

My house is all studio except here and there. Like windowsills. With little displays of things I like, lit by the sun in the mornings. ghost doll, (above) plus a doll Ive had since I was about 8, used to be my aunt’s, but she doesn’t remember it. Also a clay sculpture I did about 15 yrs ago, a bird with a worm. Below is the Mary from the creche we had when I was a kid. Also a little filigree chair my aunt (Patsy) brought me back from Spain when I was 9   Below: ghost dogs…. (from a little  toy Ann gave me last year)   .     This (below) is a doll I got from (another) aunt’s estate when she died. I loved this little doll when I was a kid. I still remember licking the little plastic feet (which you can’t see) The horses are more recent.       My sister thinks this bird pitcher is creepy. Why? This last one is actually the window of a dry-cleaning place in San Leandro. I was visiting Patti and Moose and this was about a block... read more

A note from the Sculptors to the Painters

Why cant the English language be more vowel-rich, like Hawaiian  or maybe Tagalog, which seem to have evolved from something like song. English sounds as if it came from people who spent their centuries muttering surly pinched consonants. Just look at the word SCULPTURE for instance. Another one of those consonant-laden, vowel-starved words. Obviously evolved from the struggle inherent in the ponderous effort to defeat gravity. Then, the years of practise to learn to pronounce it. Never mind spelling it. And your fingers will always stumble over it, at the keyboard. Auto-correct was invented as a bypass for just such awkward finger work. Starts off weirdly enough, with that hissing S, brought up short against the hard C. There C looks passive enough, but sounds like an annoyed K, standing sharply, hands on hips. The real problem is that wad of consonants in the middle though. LPT. Try pronouncing that, even with meagre help from the U’s. It sounds like choking, or vomiting. This stack of angular consonants is held up by these two ineffectual U’s. Borrowed from their natural habitat in quiet words like murmur. The U at its best has never been one of those exuberant singing vowels. The RE is just an attempt to wind things up peaceably. I suppose they re just trying to make something passable out of it. But it comes off as an apology what you’ve been forced to go through already to get to this point… Dear painting/drawing/sketching artists, See what we are up against? Yours truly,  the... read more

We like our News scary, but we like our Art safe??

Unless you are selling your artwork to an art museum of some kind, your artwork is probably destined for somebody’s living room. And, apparenty, this is what people want in their living rooms: a couch, obviously TV, novels, video games, all preferably featuring variations on murder and war. Art that is the opposite of murder and war. Over the years, I notice what I can and cannot get away with: Animals are ok. People with animal heads no. Cats yes; rats no. Dragons yes; snakes no. Blue yes; green no. Female body parts maybe; male body parts no. Skeletons maybe; wormy skeletons no. Guitar yes; the head is the guitar no. More than 2 arms maybe; more than one head no. Two eyes yes; three eyes no. (Do not mess with the head.) I happen to like things that are a bit twisted and alarming. Sigh. People want their art to be maybe beautiful, maybe unique, amusing, perhaps a little thought-provoking. But nothing really unsettling, scary or revolting. I get that. I dont exactly want that stuff in my living room either. But take a look at what else is in the living room. The TV, with its ongoing anxiety-producing murders, autopsies, end of the world horrors. The News itself. Mayhem somehow make a better story than chickadees. Novels on the coffee table feature murder torture and betrayal. Doesn’t this all seem odd? Wouldn’t you think the Stephen King fans would be a little more tolerant of a nice little autopsy sculpture?? We seem to love to be faux-scared by novels, movies and video games, but we want our... read more

Lake of Two Mountains by Arleen Pare

I have a huge crush on this book. I think I might be in love. I think about it all the time. I put it down in my favourite spot so my hands can find it in the mornings. The firs and cedars read over my shoulder, whisper the words back and forth to each other all day. I am jealous of Canada’s governor general — I would like to give this book my award. I am jealous of anybody who reads it. But anxious, too, for everybody to read it. Just as long as they understand, as the forest does, that Lake of Two Mountains  is Mine. Something cracks. Sadness or love.  If only this book would love me back. If it would even glance at me, I would blush, tongue-tie something stupid.... read more
What’s New?/What’s Old/ What’s been adopted?

What’s New?/What’s Old/ What’s been adopted?

What’s New?? (besides my new website getting launched any minute. Thanks to Kelly Merta at HangWire)  This car: “Life is Such A Ride”. The doors and hatchback open. The wheels go around. No motor though…. Do  you like the circle of elephants on the roof?? It s mounted on a small lazy susan, so that it rotates.  Some people know what a lazy susan is and some people don’t, even in hardware stores. Its a rotation mechanism: 2 metal plates with bearings in between. (Why not Lazy Stanley?) Do you like the wings?  Ive been keeping an eye out for brass or resin birds in thrift stores. I cut off the wings, using my super duper VERY loud dye-grinder with a cutting wheel on it, and being very careful. I put the excess bird parts on top of my wood stove. Heat retention, according to my innovative brother Pat. Do you like the hood ornament?  Used to be a bell. Well, it still is. I drilled a hole in the hood; the bell part is inside, glued in, in a big way. The armature for this piece is a modified pink Barbie volkswagon bug, by the way. Those things are built to last! Incredibly hard to take apart. WHAT’S OLD? I used to have a doll business. Notice the picture of me and Helen with the nuns in the upper left (The life-size nuns on roller skates were Helen’s design) . It finally worked into a wholesale doll pin business for the bread and butter part of my life, while I pursued other sculpture in what i called the... read more

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