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windowsill tour

My house is all studio except here and there. Like windowsills. With little displays of things I like, lit by the sun in the mornings. ghost doll, (above) plus a doll Ive had since I was about 8, used to be my aunt’s, but she doesn’t remember it. Also a... read more

A note from the Sculptors to the Painters

Why cant the English language be more vowel-rich, like Hawaiian  or maybe Tagalog, which seem to have evolved from something like song. English sounds as if it came from people who spent their centuries muttering surly pinched consonants. Just look at the word... read more

Lake of Two Mountains by Arleen Pare

I have a huge crush on this book. I think I might be in love. I think about it all the time. I put it down in my favourite spot so my hands can find it in the mornings. The firs and cedars read over my shoulder, whisper the words back and forth to each other all day.... read more

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