(An illustrated book with a social conscience. For 6 yr olds and adult 6 yr olds.)

The story line includes:

  • a curious wandering egalitarian little world with a policy of Freedom to Vary.
  • a visit from a cute little space guy
  • space exploration
  • space pliers and trolls
  • progress, leading to environmental disasters and social inequities
  • colonization by a Big Mean Planet
  • an eventual happy ending

The illustrations are mostly linoleum block prints. Ive been working on this story since May of 2014. Probably self-publish as soon as I can figure out how to do it. Then turn some of the illustrations into posters of various sizes.

(This is so entertaining for me, sitting in the woods in the mornings noodling away at linocuts. I might do some more.)

Barfmobile (not part of the Little World book)
(This linocut isnt part of the book)
linocut 2015 (not part of book)
This linocut isn’t part of the book either

Some comments I’ve received about the book…

I read your book today. I received it on Thursday but wanted to wait until I could read it all the way through and give it my full attention. It’s great. Marshmallow and raspberry sandwiches! You’ve done an amazing job of creating an alternative universe. I got a little worried when things started to go south for the planet and then was happy when it turned out okay. I love a happy ending. The postcard from the smoking planet for the camels was a nice touch.

I should have taken notes so I could tell you all the parts I especially liked. It’s very clever. I can imagine it opening all sorts of discussions between parents and children about important issues. The planet where so many were pregnant and wanting people to leave was smart. I think to get everything out of it I’d have to read it a couple times or more. It’s so rich and thought provoking.

The artwork is as rich as the text. The perfect pairing. You are really good at drawing and your lino cuts are wonderful.
I want to see it as a movie. Is that crazy? A whole series where an important issue is addressed on different planets each time. It’s heavy and delightful. What age group are you targeting? I’m thinking really smart 8 to 10 year olds. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. It’s so special.

I LOVE The Little World! I want to take it back in time and read it to my kids. Its a nice combo of whimsical and important parable.