Chronicles of a Small Planet

Chronicles of a Small Planet

As I said in the last post, the book is ready to go! You can get a copy from me, or from or at the La Quinta Arts Fest in March. Possible pickup sites in Vancouver/Victoria, to avoid shipping costs. Stay tuned for that.

At this Blurb site, (which you will probably need to select/copy into your browser thing) you can get a 15-pg preview, or buy a book. Or email me to buy direct from me. I’ll sign it if you want. $30 ck or paypal. (enter my email into your paypal acct or send ck to Box 695 ALLYN WA 98524) Canadians take a look at the last post for special pricing.







  1. I am so tickled that your fabulous book is out. I’d like to order a pile of them, but we’ll start with one — a signed one, please. Check is headed your way. All my best congratulations, Kathy. Splendid!

  2. Looking forward to your book. Sent check in mail
    Please sign it.
    Looking forward to next seeing you. Such a delight!
    Best wishes evermore!

  3. I’m so pleased to see that you have pursued your wonderful art. I used to buy your pins for my shop on Madison Avenue, New York City. I retired in 2011 and live in the woods in a town called Warwick, NY, 65 miles from Manhattan. I have your sculpture of the eccentric cat lady on a shelf over my bathroom sink. I look at it daily and wonder at the fabulous details of the woman and her four cats, one of which is on her head, one is in her arms and 2 are standing next to her red shoes. She has long grey hair and great hoop earrings and a very satisfied look on her face.
    I ran across your change of address card from 2006 as I was cleaning out a desk drawer and looked you up on the internet. There are a few other Kathy Ross’s out there but knew i found you when I found the picture of the “eccentric cat lady”
    I would love to have a copy of your book, signed please. I gave up my paypal account so I shall send a check tomorrow. The address is on the check.

    • wonderful.
      thanks for asking for my book.
      glad you have one of the cat ladies. wow did I ever make way too many doll pins over the years.My current work is alot more fun. Not that I m not grateful for the doll business — it did free me up to make bronze or clay or something the rest of the time. But any whsl. business is bound to be gruelling in some way. congrats on being retired.


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