Lake of Two Mountains by Arleen Pare


I have a huge crush on this book. I think I might be in love. I think about it all the time. I put it down in my favourite spot so my hands can find it in the mornings. The firs and cedars read over my shoulder, whisper the words back and forth to each other all day.

I am jealous of Canada’s governor general — I would like to give this book my award. I am jealous of anybody who reads it. But anxious, too, for everybody to read it. Just as long as they understand, as the forest does, that Lake of Two Mountains  is Mine.

Something cracks. Sadness or love.  If only this book would love me back. If it would even glance at me, I would blush, tongue-tie something stupid.




  1. i, too, love this book, and i love it that you love it so!!

  2. This is going at the top of my to read list after a recommendation like that!

    I have had books that I love so much that I want to sleep with them (in a platonic but loving way).

  3. Like you,I’m crazy about Lake of Two Mountains. With exquisite attention, Arleen has loved her lake and we who don’t know her lake have learned to love it thru her words.


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