Tin Town January 2016

TinTown*  TinTown(Dtl2)* TinTown(Dtl*

Tin Town, just done. Scroll down for in-progress pix, and more details

The globe rotates. Little doors are on hinges. The base is a 10-lb wt sandwiched between 2 rounds of wood and inserted/sewed!/glued/soldered in.

IMG_2473 TT 2 TT 1

and a couple of the many sketches I made, and the place I made them in

tin town sketches doodling and thinking time int he mornings


  1. I absolutely love love love this piece!!!

  2. I may have seen this in a 2-D linocut – or some relative. Sort of a gadget planet?

  3. completely brilliant. i especially love the sumo wrestler.


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