What’s New?/What’s Old/ What’s been adopted?

What’s New?/What’s Old/ What’s been adopted?

What’s New?? (besides my new website getting launched any minute. Thanks to Kelly Merta at HangWire)  This car: “Life is Such A Ride”. The doors and hatchback open. The wheels go around. No motor though….

IMG_2341 (1)

Do  you like the circle of elephants on the roof?? It s mounted on a small lazy susan, so that it rotates.  Some people know what a lazy susan is and some people don’t, even in hardware stores. Its a rotation mechanism: 2 metal plates with bearings in between. (Why not Lazy Stanley?)

Do you like the wings?  Ive been keeping an eye out for brass or resin birds in thrift stores. I cut off the wings, using my super duper VERY loud dye-grinder with a cutting wheel on it, and being very careful. I put the excess bird parts on top of my wood stove. Heat retention, according to my innovative brother Pat.


Do you like the hood ornament?  Used to be a bell. Well, it still is. I drilled a hole in the hood; the bell part is inside, glued in, in a big way.


The armature for this piece is a modified pink Barbie volkswagon bug, by the way. Those things are built to last! Incredibly hard to take apart.



I used to have a doll business. Notice the picture of me and Helen with the nuns in the upper left (The life-size nuns on roller skates were Helen’s design) . It finally worked into a wholesale doll pin business for the bread and butter part of my life, while I pursued other sculpture in what i called the Real Art part of my life. I figure I made about 90,000 dolls pins between 1982 and 2003. I used to send packets of needles to my mum in Toronto, and she would send them back, threaded. I think she threaded 75,000 needles for me. The wholesale work was a bit gruelling at times, but I was usually grateful for it. Look at the History Channel on my website for more vintage artwork.


This  is a world traveller that was purchased at American Crafts in Ithaca NY. Thank you!

If you feel like it, you could email me a picture of something you purchased from me, now on location in your house.


  1. I love the Life is such a ride!!!
    Love, love, love.
    I have another friend’s milestone birthday coming up.

    What will I be paying for this masterpiece?


    • This one sold as soon as I posted it! I have another one though, and will send a pic. Its 800$. I have a small one too, and Im working on one that is part car and part dragon, with tennis shoes instead of wheels.


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