windowsill tour

My house is all studio except here and there. Like windowsills. With little displays of things I like, lit by the sun in the mornings.

ghost doll

ghost doll, (above) plus a doll Ive had since I was about 8, used to be my aunt’s, but she doesn’t remember it. Also a clay sculpture I did about 15 yrs ago, a bird with a worm.

Below is the Mary from the creche we had when I was a kid. Also a little filigree chair my aunt (Patsy) brought me back from Spain when I was 9



Below: ghost dogs…. (from a little  toy Ann gave me last year)


ghost dogs on windowsill

.window dolls



This (below) is a doll I got from (another) aunt’s estate when she died. I loved this little doll when I was a kid. I still remember licking the little plastic feet (which you can’t see) The horses are more recent.

Aunt Jean's doll

windowsill cars windowsill dolls




bird pitcherMy sister thinks this bird pitcher is creepy. Why?

This last one is actually the window of a dry-cleaning place in San Leandro. I was visiting Patti and Moose and this was about a block away.

window in san leandro CA


  1. I love the windowsill tour. All of your favorite things. Especially your Aunt”s doll whose feet you used to lick, haha

    • I used to put Mary’s head in my mouth too. Didn’t you put everything in your mouth when you were a kid??

      • oops i think my magic web builder guy’s email is still on my reply button. hmmmm

  2. Thanks for the tour Kathy.


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